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  • aqua supports changing tool versions per project
  • aqua forces to pin tool version, which solves the problem due to the different of version
  • aqua's command is always aqua i [-l]. You don't have to specify tool names. It's user friendly
  • aqua is a single binary written in Go, so it is easy to install aqua in a container


  • aqua's install process is very simple.

    1. Download tool
    2. Unarchive tool in $AQUA_ROOT_DIR

    aqua doesn't support running commands after unarchiving. So aqua doesn't support installing tools which some commands are required.

  • aqua doesn't support installing dependent tools automatically

Homebrew Bundle

With Homebrew Bundle, you can manage tools with Configuration file same as aqua. But even if Brewfile is updated, tools aren't updated until brew bundle explicitly.

On the other hand, aqua supports Lazy Install so the update of aqua.yaml is reflected automatically.