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Change GOOS and GOARCH for testing Registry

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aqua >= v1.4.0 is required.

When you develop aqua Registry such as Standard Registry, you have to consider mainly the following platforms.

  • windows / amd64
  • windows / arm64
  • darwin / amd64
  • darwin / arm64
  • linux / amd64
  • linux / arm64

But if you don't have laptops for the above platforms, it is difficult to test the Registry on the platforms.

Furthermore, Standard Registry is tested with GitHub Actions but GitHub Actions doesn't support arm64, so we can't test the Registry on arm64.

To solve the problem, aqua supports changing GOOS and GOARCH for testing the Registry.

By default, aqua gets GOOS and GOARCH from Go's runtime.GOOS and runtime.GOARCH, but you can override them with the environment variables AQUA_GOOS and AQUA_GOARCH.


$ AQUA_GOOS=darwin AQUA_GOARCH=arm64 aqua i --test
$ AQUA_GOOS=darwin AQUA_GOARCH=arm64 aqua which gh

Of course, even if you change GOOS and GOARCH you wouldn't be able to execute the tools. But by running aqua i --test, you can test if tools can be installed properly.