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Checksum Verification

aqua >= v1.20.0



Please see the tutorial.

Configuration file path

aqua finds aqua-checksums.json and .aqua-checksums.json. aqua-checksums.json takes precedence over .aqua-checksums.json. If they don't exist, aqua-checksums.json is created.


The checksum is case insensitive.

How it works

When a tool is installed, aqua verifies the checksum as the following.

  1. Download the tool in the temporal directory
  2. Calculate the checksum from the downloaded file
  3. Get the expected checksum
  4. If the actual checksum is different from the expected checksum, make the installation failure
  5. If the checksum isn't found in aqua-checksums.json, the expected checksum is added to aqua-checksums.json
  6. Install the tool

aqua gets the expected checksum from the following sources.

  1. aqua-checksums.json
  2. checksum files that each tools publish
  3. If the tool doesn't publish checkfum files, aqua treats the checksum calculated from the downloaded asset as the expected checksum

aqua-registry version

From v3.90.0, aqua-registry supports the checksum verification.

aqua.yaml's checksum configuration


enabled: true # By default, this is false
require_checksum: true # By default, this is false
# ...
# ...
  • enabled: If this is true, the checksum verification is enabled
  • require_checksum: If this is true, it fails to install a package when the checksum isn't found in aqua-checksums.json and the package's checksum configuration is disabled. By default, require_checksum is false and if the checksum isn't found the package is installed

Registry's checksum configuration

Each registry's package configuration has the configuration about checksum.

e.g. GitHub CLI

- type: github_release
repo_owner: cli
repo_name: cli
# ...
type: github_release
asset: gh_{{trimV .Version}}_checksums.txt
file_format: regexp
algorithm: sha256
checksum: ^(\b[A-Fa-f0-9]{64}\b)
file: "^\\b[A-Fa-f0-9]{64}\\b\\s+(\\S+)$"

e.g. ArgoCD CLI

- type: github_release
repo_owner: argoproj
repo_name: argo-cd
# ...
asset: argocd-{{.OS}}-{{.Arch}}
type: github_release
asset: "{{.Asset}}.sha256"
file_format: raw
algorithm: sha256

Generate and patch checksum configuration automatically

It is bothersome to write the checksum configuration manually, so aqua supports scaffolding the configuration.

aqua gr scaffolds the checksum configuration too.

And you can also patch the checksum configuration to the existing registries by aqua-registry patch-checksum command.


The scaffolding isn't perfect, so sometimes you have to fix the code manually.


You can enable or disable the checksum download by enabled attribute.

- type: github_release
repo_owner: argoproj
repo_name: argo-cd
# ...
enabled: false

By default, checkdum download is disabled.

checksum algorithm

The following algorithm are supported.

  • sha256
  • sha512
  • md5

checksum type

The following type are supported.

  • github_release
  • http

github_release requires the following attributes.

  • asset: GitHub Release Asset name. The format is a Go's text/template string

http requires the following attributes.

  • url: Checksum file's download URL. The format is a Go's text/template string

checksum file_format

The following file_format are supported.

  • regexp
  • raw

regexp requires the following attributes.

  • pattern.checksum:
  • pattern.file:
checksum: ^(\b[A-Fa-f0-9]{64}\b)
file: "^\\b[A-Fa-f0-9]{64}\\b\\s+(\\S+)$"

aqua extracts pairs of checkfum and asset name using regular expressions. If the checksum file includes only one checksum, you can omit pattern.file.