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Create Private Registries

If your GitHub organization has in-house tools, it is useful to create a private registry in your organization.

aqua provides the framework to build private registries.

The framework has the following components.

How to use

  1. Create a repository from the template repository
  2. Replace placeholders <REPO_OWNER> and <REPO_NAME>
  3. Prepare a GitHub App or GitHub Personal Access Token for CI
  4. (Optional) Install Renovate App in the repository

Prepare a GitHub App or GitHub Personal Access Token for CI

To test the registry in CI, GitHub Access Token is required to access private repositories.

We recommend to create a GitHub App and install it to private repositories. You can also use GitHub Personal Access Token instead of GitHub App.

Then please set GitHub App ID and Private Key or Personal Access Token at GitHub Secrets and fix GitHub Actions Workflow test using secrets.


      - name: Generate token
id: generate_token
uses: tibdex/github-app-token@v1
app_id: ${{ secrets.APP_ID }}
private_key: ${{ secrets.APP_PRIVATE_KEY }}

- uses: aquaproj/registry-action/test@v0.1.0
goos: ${{ matrix.env.goos }}
goarch: ${{ matrix.env.goarch }}
go_version: "1.18.5"
GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ steps.generate_token.outputs.token }}


You can test tool updates in CI using Renovate. Please install Renovate in repositories.

Automerge Renovate Pull Requests

If you would like to automerge Renovate Pull Requests, please enable automerge.

ref. 2022-03-29 Automate handling a number of Pull Requests by Renovate in Terraform Monorepo

  • Enable Automerge
    • Add the job status-check to the default branch's branch protection rule's Status checks that are required.
  • Enable platformAutomerge



GitHub Access Token is required to access private repositories. Please set your GitHub Access Token as the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN or AQUA_GITHUB_TOKEN. The scope repo is required.

Set up

Checkout the repository and install aqua-registry CLI.

$ git checkout<REPO_OWNER>/<REPO_NAME>
$ cd <REPO_NAME>
$ aqua i -l # Install aqua-registry CLI

How to add packages

  1. Scaffold configuration: aqua-registry scaffold <package name>
  2. Fix generated files if the scaffold fails
  3. Update registry.yaml: aqua-registry gr
  4. Test: aqua i and run installed tools
  5. Repeat the step 2 ~ 4 until packages are installed properly
  6. Create a pull request: aqua-registry create-pr-new-pkg <package name>...

Don't run scaffold command against the same package at multiple times.


When you update pkgs/**/registry.yaml, you have to run aqua-registry gr to reflect the update to registry.yaml on the repository root directory.

Getting Started

Let's try to add BurntSushi/ripgrep to the registry.

$ aqua-registry scaffold BurntSushi/ripgrep
+ aqua gr BurntSushi/ripgrep
>> registry.yamlUpdate registry.yaml
Creating aqua-local.yaml
+ aqua g local,BurntSushi/ripgrep >> aqua-local.yaml
+ aqua g pkgs/BurntSushi/ripgrep/pkg.yaml >> BurntSushi/ripgrep
+ aqua i --test
INFO[0000] create a symbolic link aqua_version=1.19.2 env=darwin/arm64 link_file=/Users/shunsukesuzuki/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/bin/ripgrep new=aqua-proxy program=aqua
ERRO[0000] install the package aqua_version=1.19.2 env=darwin/arm64 error="check file_src is correct: exe_path isn't found: stat /Users/shunsukesuzuki/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/pkgs/github_release/ no such file or directory" file_name=ripgrep package_name=BurntSushi/ripgrep package_version=13.0.0 program=aqua registry=local
FATA[0000] aqua failed aqua_version=1.19.2 env=darwin/arm64 error="it failed to install some packages" program=aqua
FATA[0001] aqua failed aqua_version=0.1.0-1 env=darwin/arm64 error="execute a command: aqua i: exit status 1" program=aqua-registry

When the scaffold fails, please see the log.

check file_src is correct: exe_path isn't found: stat /Users/shunsukesuzuki/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/pkgs/github_release/ no such file or directory

💡 Troubleshooting: check file_src is correct

Fix the configuration pkgs/BurntSushi/ripgrep/registry.yaml like this.

Then run aqua-registry gr and aqua i.

$ aqua-registry gr
$ aqua i

Check the log and fix the following configuration files as needed.

  • pkgs/BurntSushi/ripgrep/pkg.yaml
  • pkgs/BurntSushi/ripgrep/registry.yaml
  • aqua-test.yaml

Run rg --help for testing.

$ rg --help

If it doesn't work, check the log and fix the above configuration files.

When it works well, please create a pull request.

$ aqua-registry create-pr-new-pkg BurntSushi/ripgrep