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aqua i's -l option

You added tfmigrator/cli in Search packages, but it isn't installed yet.

$ command -v tfmigrator # command is not found

Let's run aqua i -l.

$ aqua i -l
INFO[0000] create a symbolic link aqua_version=1.19.2 link_file=/home/foo/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/bin/tfmigrator new=aqua-proxy program=aqua

The command would exit immediately, because the tool isn't downloaded and installed yet.

The command aqua i installs all tools at once. But when the option -l is set, aqua i creates only symbolic links in ${AQUA_ROOT_DIR}/bin and skips downloading and installing tools.

Even if downloading and installing are skipped, you can execute the tool thanks for Lazy Install.

$ tfmigrator -v
INFO[0000] download and unarchive the package aqua_version=1.19.2 package_name=tfmigrator/cli package_version=v0.2.1 program=aqua registry=standard
tfmigrator version 0.2.1 (3993c0824016673338530f4e7e8966c35efa5706)

-l option is useful for local development, because you can install only tools which are needed for you.