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Declarative CLI Version Manager. Unify tool versions in teams, projects, and CI. Easy, painless, and secure.

Manage CLI declatively


Install tools easily


Lazy Install

imageaqua installs a tool automatically when the tool is executed.

Change tool versions per project

imageaqua manages tool versions per configuration file. You can install multiple versions and switch them seamlessly.

Interactive Search


Renovate Integration

imageaqua provides Renovate Config Preset, so you can update tools by Renovate easily.

GitHub Actions & CircleCI Orb

imageaqua has GitHub Actions and CircleCI Orb to install aqua and update checksum files. Please see aqua-installer and circleci-orb-aqua


aqua installs tools securely. aqua provides several security features such as Checksum Verification, Policy as Code, and Cosign and SLSA Provenance Support. Please see Security.

Single Binary / Cross Platform

aqua works as a single binary, and basically aqua doesn't depend on anything. aqua supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. aqua can be used for both local development and CI. You can manage CLI in the unified way.