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Windows Support

aqua >= v1.12.0

#850 Project#4

The author @suzuki-shunsuke doesn't use Windows, so the help of Windows Users is welcome.

Develop environment

The author @suzuki-shunsuke tests the Windows Support on the following environments.

  • Amazon Workspaces Standard with Windows 10 (Server 2019 based) (PCoIP)
  • GitHub Actions' windows-latest


  • Command Prompt
  • PowerShell
  • Git Bash (mingw)

How to install

Please download an asset from GitHub Releases and deploy the binary into PATH.

You can also install aqua with Go.

The install path (AQUA_ROOT_DIR)

From aqua v1.12.0, the default value of AQUA_ROOT_DIR is $HOME/AppData/Local/aquaproj-aqua.


  • Command Prompt,PowerShell: AQUA_ROOT_DIR/bat
  • Git Bash: AQUA_ROOT_DIR/bin

The separator of AQUA_GLOBAL_CONFIG

  • Command Prompt, PowerShell: ;
  • Git Bash: :

Required Standard Registry Version

Please upgrade Standard Registry to v2.28.1 or later.

Windows Settings

aqua works even if Developer Mode is disabled. And you don't have to run the terminal as Administrator.

Windows Security


Please change the settings at your own risk.

Security softwares may prevent aqua from installing and running tools. In that case, you may have to add AQUA_ROOT_DIR to security software's exclusion.

Windows Support of installed tools

Note that some tools don't support Windows. aqua skips installing those tools on Windows with supported_if or supported_envs.

tools written in shell scripts aren't supported

Currently, tools written in shell scripts aren't supported.

Windows specific features

Auto complesion of the file extension

Please see complete_windows_ext.

#885 #892 #893 aqua >= v1.12.0

Reference (Japanese):

aqua creates executable BAT files and shell scripts in directories AQUA_ROOT_DIR/bin and AQUA_ROOT_DIR/bat instead of symbolic links.

If you use PowerShell or Command Prompt, please add AQUA_ROOT_DIR/bat to the environment variable PATH. Or if you use Git Bash, please add AQUA_ROOT_DIR/bin to the environment variable PATH.

Why is this change needed?

On Windows, there are two problems regarding symbolic links.

  1. To create symbolic links, you have to run Terminal (cmd.exe, PowerShell, Git Bash, etc) as Administrator or enable Developer Mode
  2. PowerShell has a bug about symbolic link

Trouble Shooting

GitHub Action aqua-installer doesn't work on Windows Runner

We are working on it.

Interactive Search by aqua g doesn't work on Git Bash

The guide of gh auth login is helpful.

You appear to be running in MinTTY without pseudo terminal support.

MinTTY is the terminal emulator that comes by default with Git for Windows. It has known issues with gh's ability to prompt a user for input.

There are a few workarounds to make gh work with MinTTY:

  • Reinstall Git for Windows, checking "Enable experimental support for pseudo consoles".


  • Use a different terminal emulator with Git for Windows like Windows Terminal. You can run "C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe" from any terminal emulator to continue using all of the tooling in Git For Windows without MinTTY.

  • Prefix invocations of gh with winpty, eg: "winpty gh auth login". NOTE: this can lead to some UI bugs.