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Registry Configuration

e.g. registry.yaml

# init: a
- type: github_release
repo_owner: accurics
repo_name: terrascan
asset: 'terrascan_{{trimV .Version}}_{{title .OS}}_{{.Arch}}.tar.gz'
description: Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure
amd64: x86_64
  • packages: The list of packages

JSON Schema

Package types

  • github_archive: The package is downloaded from GitHub Archive
  • github_content: The package is downloaded from GitHub Content
  • github_release: The package is downloaded from GitHub Releases
  • go: The package is downloaded from GitHub Archive and is built by go build command
  • go_install: The package is installed by go install command
  • http: The package is donwloaded from the specified URL

Common attributes

  • type: (string, required) the package type
  • name: (string) the package name. This is used to specify the package in aqua.yaml. name must be unique in the same registry
  • search_words
  • aliases: Aliases of the package
  • files: The list of executable files
  • format: The asset format (e.g. zip, tar.gz). This is used to unarchive or decompress the asset. If this isn't specified, aqua tries to specify the format from the file extenstion. If the file isn't archived and isn't compressed, please specify raw
  • link: URL about the package. This is used for aqua g
  • description: The description about the package. This is used for aqua g
  • replacements: A map which is used to replace some Template Variables like OS and Arch
  • format_overrides: A list of the pair OS and the asset format
  • overrides
  • version_constraint: expr's expression. The evaluation result must be a boolean
  • version_overrides
  • supported_if
  • supported_envs
  • rosetta2
  • version_filter
  • version_source
  • complete_windows_ext
  • checksum

Default values if repo_owner and repo_name are set

  • name: <repo owner>/<repo name>
  • link:<repo owner>/<repo name>
  • files: [{"name":"<repo name>"}]

For example, in case of weaveworks/eksctl the following default values are set.

name: weaveworks/eksctl
- name: eksctl