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#674 #675 aqua >= v1.5.0 is required

Aliases of packages.


- name: ahmetb/kubectx/kubens
- name: ahmetb/kubens

You can use the alias as the package name in aqua.yaml, and alias can be used in aqua g command.

aliases is used to keep the compatibility when the package name is changed. Sometimes the package name is changed because the repository is renamed or transfered.

Use aliases only for keeping the compatibility


aliases should be used only for keeping the compatibility.

I think the same package should have only one name, and aliases should be used only to keep the compatibility. Users may be confused what's the difference of kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools/controller-gen and kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder/controller-gen and which package they should use.

On the other hand, it is useful to allow to search packages with additional words. To do this, I'll add a new field search_words.


name: kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools/controller-gen
- kubebuilder