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go Package


Use go_install package instead of go package

For the historical reason, there are two package types building Go tools, go and go_install.

  • go: Packages are downloaded from GitHub Archive and are built by go build command
  • go_install: Packages are installed by go install command

Basically when you add new packages, we recommend using the go_install package instead of the go package.

#798 #799

aqua >= v1.7.0 is required.

  • repo_owner: The repository owner name
  • repo_name: The repository name

The repository archive is downloaded from GitHub and the package is built by command go build when it is installed. So the command go is required. aqua is a CLI Version Manager, you have to specify the version. Unlike go install command, you can't specify the head of the default branch.



- type: go
repo_owner: google
repo_name: wire
description: Compile-time Dependency Injection for Go
- name: wire
src: ./cmd/wire
dir: wire-{{trimV .Version}}


- name: local
type: local
path: registry.yaml
- name: google/wire@v0.5.0
registry: local
$ aqua which wire

$ aqua install
INFO[0000] create a symbolic link aqua_version= env=darwin/arm64 link_file=/home/foo/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/bin/wire new=aqua-proxy package_name=google/wire package_version=v0.5.0 program=aqua registry=standard
INFO[0000] download and unarchive the package aqua_version= env=darwin/arm64 package_name=google/wire package_version=v0.5.0 program=aqua registry=standard
INFO[0001] building Go tool aqua_version= env=darwin/arm64 exe_path=/home/foo/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/pkgs/go/ file_name=wire go_build_dir=/home/foo/.local/share/aquaproj-aqua/pkgs/go/ go_src=./cmd/wire package_name=google/wire package_version=v0.5.0 program=aqua registry=standard

From aqua v1.9.0, if there is no GitHub Repository tag or the latest tag is old, you can specify Git revision instead of tag.


- name: google/wire
registry: local
version: 79660af94317b9c466adc39f27f469f1079c779b

File parameter

- name: wire
src: ./cmd/wire
dir: wire-{{trimV .Version}}
  • name: command name
  • dir: Directory path where go build is run
  • src: go build's target path
src/ # GitHub Repository Archive
wire-0.5.0/ # `go build` is run on this directory
cmd/wire # build target

The following command is run.

$ go build -o "${AQUA_ROOT_DIR}/pkgs/go/" "./cmd/wire"